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In the modern world today, which has been changing rapidly, the Internet, is of great benefit as it has many advantages. First of all, it is a rich source of information,.......(1) the Internet, you can get information of.....(2) all fields, from science, technology, current affairs to prices of the latest fashion. You can also find a wide......(3) of information on a certain topic, which is very useful as you have a chance to consider different ideas on the...(4) topic, or to understand it from different aspects. For school-age children, the Internet prove to be of great....(5) when they can get access to information about schools, courses, schedules, and so on. The Internet is also the place....(6) they can learn and widen their knowledge in different fields._____(7), using the Internet is extremely time-saving. As it is a rich source of information, just a click or to and you can get a large bulk of information you need. You don't have to.....(8) hours searching in the library for the books you need. What's more, you can do the shopping from home, which otherwise may take you a few hours. In addition, if you are....(9) line, you communicate more with people from around the world. It takes just a few minutes to send.....(10) throught e-mail.




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